Are You a Good Public Speaker? Here’s How to Be Great


If you present regularly and are known as a “good speaker,” how can you become a great speaker? Here, we highlight some of those qualities.

Great presenters have presence and are centered. Great presenters take the time to completely focus on listeners and the message they are delivering. They are comfortable with silence, grabbing the audience’s attention, and they are completely involved in the moment.

Great presenters are passionate and show it. Great speakers have so much passion for their subject and communicating it with others that they pull us, their listeners, right into the middle of their presentation.

Great presenters exude energy and enthusiasm, on and off the stage. What many great speakers possess is a genuine quality that evolves from trusting their natural energies and true enthusiasm. They have the ability to convince their listeners to embrace their ideas and actions. Furthermore, all of the great presenters “walk their talk.” They are as enthusiastic and energetic off stage as on.

Great presenters have confidence and the ability to control situations. They can handle unplanned circumstances and do so in a quiet and confident way, even when the circumstances appear to be insurmountable.

With enough practice, preparation and passion, all good speakers can become great.