How Effective Are Your Emails?

We talk a lot about communication at Dardis and digital communication is a huge part of that. Email, especially, is something we all use every day. But how effective is your email communication? Here are five basic tips for better e-mail use and management.

  1. Email is fast and easy, and how you use it should reflect that. Avoid managing large groups or sending complex messages through email.
  2. Similarly, keep it short and sweet. Know that long emails aren’t read right away (or maybe ever). If you find yourself writing more than a paragraph, it might be time to stop typing and pick up the phone.
  3. Clarify your messages as much as possible. Say what you really want to have happen. Start with the subject line: Make it clear and compelling (and be willing to change it when the subject in a thread changes). In the body of your message, spell out action items and priorities as bulleted items. State very clearly what readers’ response should be.
  4. Watch your tone. If you mostly communicate through email, know that people will form an opinion of you based on what and how you write. That doesn’t mean you need to go overboard with emoji and exclamation points. Simply make sure that your message is a clear as possible and remember that there’s a human reading on the other end. Read your email out loud to identify clunky sentences and “cold” phrases more easily.
  5. If you can’t write emails effectively, get some training. It’s a crucial business communication, and really, it should be treated as such.