This was one of the best seminars I have attended, with several opportunities for practice and feedback.

Assistant Director | Creighton University

Leadership Presentation & Image Skills

Develop and deliver high-level presentations that are clear, compelling and effective.


• Organize thoughts quickly and present them persuasively

• Captivate audiences with a professional delivery style

• Overcome inhibitions and do things with a purpose

• Strategically build presentations to focus on customers’ needs

• Control nervousness and think under pressure

• Handle Q & A situations

• Use appropriate facilitation techniques

• Distinguish oneself as a leader

• Learn differences between business casual vs. professional attire

• Learn the impact of first impressions, introductions and business handshakes

• Exchange business cards appropriately

Instruction Methods:

• Multiple practice sessions for skill-building

• Videotaping with immediate one-on-one assessment and coaching

Class Size & Program Length:

• All classes have an instructor-participant ratio to guarantee personal instruction

• Program length is two days

• Program cost is $975 per person