This was one of the best seminars I have attended, with several opportunities for practice and feedback.

Assistant Director | Creighton University

Leadership Presentation & Image Skills

Learn to Speak as Well as You Think! Develop and deliver high-level presentations that are clear, compelling and effective.


  • Organize thoughts quickly and present them persuasively
  • Captivate audiences with a professional delivery style
  • Overcome inhibitions and do things with a purpose
  • Strategically build presentations to focus on customers’ needs
  • Control nervousness and think under pressure
  • Handle Q & A situations
  • Learn the impact of first impressions and professional appearance
  • Brief key stakeholders effectively
  • Deliver information impromptu in a concise and organized manger 

Instruction Methods:

  • Multiple practice sessions for skill-building
  • Videotaping with immediate one-on-one assessment and coaching

Class Size & Program Length:

  • All classes have an instructor-participant ratio to guarantee personal instruction
  • Program length is two days
  • Program cost is $975 per person

Sample Agenda:

• Heighten your awareness of how you look and sound from the audience’s perspective.

Physical Skills
Learn to control nervousness, overcome inhibitions and project your message.

Leadership Presence
Differentiate oneself as a leader.

Professional Image
Understand the impact of first impressions and key elements of image.

Strategize Your Presentation
Analyze your audience to tailor information to fit the needs of the group.
• Prepare meeting logistics and prevent surprises on equipment and set-up.

Present with Visuals
Create visuals that show what you want to say, and present them with the confidence and conviction.

Facilitation & Dialogue Skills
Create a joint agenda to talk about what’s most important to the audience.

Speak Impromptu
Organize your point of view quickly to speak on the spot.

Position information as an asset to the boss, and learn to use our format to help you get to your point quickly.

Q & A
Apply techniques to control the flow of information.
• Learn how to handle audience pressure.

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